Each TIMIO includes all of these 8 languages to choose from English (American and British on TMD-04 discs), Spanish (Latin America and Spain on TMD-04 discs), French (France), German (Germany), Dutch (Netherlands), Chinese (Mandarin), Italian and Portuguese (Brazilian). Why Dutch? Because TIMIO was created in the Netherlands! :-)
On TIMIO models TM01-01 and TM01-02 this is a low battery warning. Replace the batteries with three new identical AA alkaline batteries. Do not mix old and new batteries or batteries of different types. To extend battery life, please slide the power switch on the back of the unit to the OFF position when not in use. You may also use rechargeable AA batteries. These come with a charger and are available in most electronic stores. If you decide to start using rechargeable batteries please use 2500mAh or higher, these last a very long time between charges. If you are already using rechargeable batteries, these can become weaker after a number of charges, and not strong enough to power TIMIO. In this case please try new regular batteries to confirm if you need to change your rechargeable batteries with new ones.
Please check the back of your TIMIO for the model number. If your TIMIO has model number TM01-01 or TM01-02, you will need to upgrade the files in order to be able to play the new Disc Set 4 (TMD-04). Please follow these step by step instructions on how to upgrade your TIMIO. https://au.timio.co/pages/files-for-tmd-04-discs
They are exactly the same, except that TM01-02 used to have 20 discs included in the box and has been discontinued, while TM02-02 comes with 5 discs included box and sells for a lower price. Note: We had an extra 100 Battery Compartment covers marked TM01-02. Instead of throwing them away, we used them for TM02-02 instead. But again, these 2 models are exactly the same.
TIMIO is approximately 210mm / 8.3inches high by 200mm / 8inches wide by 45mm / 1.65 inches deep. TIMIO weighs approximately 365g / 13ounces.
No. After inserting the batteries, TIMIO works right out of the box and wherever you go, absolutely no WiFi needed. So, you can also take it with you in the car, for example.
TIMIO works with three AA batteries. The battery compartment is safely concealed with a screw, making it much harder for children to access. If using rechargeable batteries, please use 2500mAh or higher, these last a very long time between charges. But keep in mind that even rechargeable batteries degrade over time and may need to be replaced after a few months of usage.
Unfortunately, due to shipping regulations, batteries are not included.
It very much depends on the kind of batteries used. The generic store brands will not last very long. While the better quality brands like Duracell or Energizer will last substantially longer. Under normal usage conditions, when turning the power button to the OFF position when not in use, batteries should last a few weeks. If using rechargeable batteries please use 2500mAh or higher, these last a very long time between charges. We tested the Duracell 2500mAh rechargeable batterie for one hour of play per day and they lasted a whole month before needing a recharge. But keep in mind that even rechargeable batteries degrade over time and may need to be replaced after a while.
TIMIO is currently sold in over 60 countries. As a small team we are not able to deal with the different and strict country-specific shipping regulations related to rechargeable batteries, which are considered dangerous goods. Another negative point regarding an integrated rechargeable battery, is that if it is not used for a long period of time (few months), the battery will die, and the whole device will need to be discarded. Finally, please keep in mind that, while practical, an integrated rechargeable battery needs to be recharged frequently, just like a phone. So if a child wants to play, the device may not be readily available. We do however recommend using rechargeable AA batteries of 2500 or 3000mAh. We have tested these, and for an hour of usage per day, they lasted over a month! To save further power, we recommend turning the TIMIO power switch to the OFF position when not in use.
Yes! TIMIO has and audio jack on the top of the unit for wired headphones. TIMIO does not work with bluetooth headphones.
Yes. TIMIO passed the most rigorous toys safety tests. TIMIO is made of ABS food grade plastics (BPA-free): - CE SAFETY TEST NO. BL-SZ1998072-101 EN62368 - CE RF TEST NO. BL-SZ1998072-402 EN300330 NFC - CE EMC TEST NO. BL-SZ1998072-401 EN301489 - CE EMF TEST NO. BL-SZ1998072-701 EN62479 - RF FCC & IC NFC TEST NO. BL-SZ1998073-402 FCC ID 2AUE7-TM0101 / ISED NR 25403-TM0101 - EMC FCC/ISED TEST NO. BL-SZ1998073-401 - ITS TOY SAFETY TEST NO. HKGH02510361 ASTM US CFR CANADA Canada Consumer Product Safety Act Toys Regulations
TIMIO has been tested for kids ages 2 and up but some parents have told us that their kids can use it as early as 18 months. TIMIO can also be used by parents to play lullabies to help babies fall asleep quickly.
No. TIMIO’s own curated content is already pre-loaded, so playing or streaming other content isn’t currently possible.
TIMIO doesn’t use the MP3 file format. It uses a proprietary encoding, so it’s not possible to add any sort of content to TIMIO.
From the very beginning, we wanted to offer parents a better sound quality than we expect from children's toys. So, we tested several speakers and adjusted our sound files to sound great! Music is a pleasure to listen to and children can easily understand words which can enrich their vocabulary.
As of today, we do not have a disc replacement program.
Currently, there are a total of 25 discs that are available. 5 come with the TIMIO player and 20 others are sold separately in 4 packs of 5 discs each. All discs can be played in 8 languages. That’s over 4000 files and more than 40 hours of content.
No, all discs can be played in all languages. The language setting is on the player. Switch languages by holding the globe icon for three seconds, and release it when you hear your language of choice.
Yes, we will issue more discs in the future and make them available on our website. If you have content ideas, please send us your suggestions!
TIMIO has an SD card accessible from the battery compartment. When we develop new discs with new content, these will be delivered on a new SD card to replace the existing one. The SD card will contain the old and new content so that you can still play all your current discs. As an added option we will also make the new files available online to download onto the SD card. link text
We provide a 1-year manufacturer warranty beginning from the date of purchase. In any case of TIMIO exhibiting a defect in normal use during the 1-year warranty period, TIMIO B.V. will, at its option, replace the product free of charge within a reasonable time after the defective product is returned.
TIMIO was designed in Europe with quality and safety in mind and manufactured in China. We have visited the factory in China to ensure we work with a partner that upholds the highest international standards for quality and safety.
TIMIO has of course been developed with kids in mind! It has been vigorously tested in the quality laboratory factory and can handle typical kids’ rough handling with ease.
TIMIO puts kids in control. They choose the exact content they would like to play. Unlike other audio players, TIMIO is also versatile and can play Nursery Rhymes, teach vocabulary, help kids fall asleep, and play fairy tales all on one device. On top of all that, TIMIO is interactive, meaning it will ask questions to reinforce the learning process.
Yes we do. Please refer to the shipping cost for your specific country during checkout. We do have a European site https://timio.co a US site https://us.timio.co a Singapore site https://sg.timio.co and an Australian site https://au.timio.co
Depending on your location you may have to pay local customs duties because you are ordering from Victoria, Australia. Please check your local rules and regulations. We cannot estimate which customs and duties fees may be charged for deliveries internationally. The customer is responsible for all fees charged by their country's customs authorities.
We're very sensitive to multiculturalism and would like to be more inclusive. So we're making changes to our discs as we speak. We will have more skin color representation in mid 2021 https://au.timio.co/pages/skin-color-representation-diversity-and-multiculturalism
If your TIMIO is not working properly, it's very often because of the batteries: 1) Please try changing the batteries with new ones. Note: when exchanging batteries, please make sure you don't mix old and new ones. 2) If you are using rechargeable batteries, please note that they do get weaker over time if they have been used several times. So while they may be charged, they will drain very quickly. To check this, we recommend testing your TIMIO with regular batteries. 3) If you decide to use rechargeable batteries please make sure they are at least 2000mAh. If less, they will drain fast. 4) Does the issue occur with every disc? Please test several discs, as it could be just one defective disc, which we could replace for you. If you are still experiencing issues please contact us at timio.au@timio.co
If you put a disc and then rotate it quickly, TIMIO may for a brief second read the wrong file. That's because TIMIO requires one full second to recognize the position of the disc. TIMIO corrects itself automatically after one second. So if you rotate the disc after placing it, just wait one more second before pressing an image.
Yes! If you purchased your TIMIO before Summer 2020, it had only 6 languages. You can upgrade it to 8 languages now by adding Italian and Portuguese (Br). Please follow these instructions: https://timio.co/pages/adding-new-languages-to-timio
Yes! To add Scandinavian languages, please follow these instructions: https://timio.co/pages/timio-files-with-scandinavian-languages

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