Meet Timio

TIMIO helps kids grow their knowledge and vocabulary from 2-6 years.Β Learn the alphabet, numbers, colours, animals & objects. Listen to stories & music. With quizzes for more interaction and real sounds for extra fun & better learning.

Screen-free edutainment

Too much screen time can be harmful for the little ones. TIMIO provides an autonomous tool for learning and play, without the worry of screens.

Different topics for growth & development

TIMIO helps your child grow and grows with your child. Each of our disc packs includes fun, exciting and engaging content for multiple ages, on multiple subjects, and in multiple languages.
Designed for kids ages 2 and above, with many children already enjoying it from an earlier age.

Supports 8 languages

Engaging with different cultures, and teaching your child a breadth of languages. TIMIO currently supports the following 8 languages plus more which you can download!












Mandarin Chinese





How Timio works

TIMIO uses magnetic discs to unlock a library of content from nursery rhymes and lullabies to fairy tales and vocabulary. Easy to use for all ages, simply place a disc on top of the device and tap an image to play.

What others are saying

TIMIO testimonials from our happy users around the world

My 2 year old is OBSESSED with this toy. He can change the disc's himself because they can be really in any direction and are just magnets. We have been searching for a non screen toy he could entertain himself with while we are in the car or just making dinner. My only regret is not buying all the disc sets. I think we may get set 3 and 4 for Christmas and an extra storage bag if they have one!!

Peggy T.

My son is non verbal and I wanted to buy this toy hoping that he would be interested in repeating every word and sound that Timio shows him. So far it has been really good! It is a great toy to bring to the Dr offices meanwhile we wait for his appointments. Thank you Timio!

Jenn P.

Timio is a super fun, easy to use and resistant device. My kids have loved it from the opening. They enjoy playing the games and have fun trying to repeat in languages they don't know. We speak French at home, you can imagine us trying to say us the dinosaures' names in English! So much fun!!

I highly recommend Timio to any parent who wants to improve their kids' vocabulary and knowledge of other languages.

Michelle S.

Since we have TIMIO Matteo stopped watching televisions or screens 😍 That s why I wanted to post a photo even though it was not a collab, it is the best toy / player ever 😍😍


Easy to use! Nice activities, my daughter can play for herself and loves it!


Great toy. Keeps my two year old son busy for a long time.

Philip G.
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